Kappture Accessibility Statement

This accessibility statement applies to the Kappture website on the domains admin.kappture.co.uk & member.kappture.co.uk.

This website is run by Kappture Ltd. We want as many people as possible to be able to use this website. For example, that means you should be able to:

  • Change colours, contrast levels and fonts
  • Zoom in up to 200% without problems
  • Navigate most of the website using just a keyboard
  • Navigate most of the website on different devices

AbilityNet has advice on making your device easier to use if you have a disability.

The accessibility of this website

We know some parts of this website aren't fully accessible:

  • Some areas of the website are difficult to navigate using just a keyboard
  • Some tables do not have row headings
  • Some images do not have image descriptions
  • Some buttons are not correctly identified
  • Some areas of the website do not have sufficient colour contrast
  • Some error messages are not clearly associated with form controls

Reporting accessibility problems with this website

We're always looking to improve the accessibility of this website. If you find any problems that aren't listed on this page or think we're not meeting the requirements of the accessibility regulations, please contact us via email accessibility@kappture.co.uk

Enforcement procedure

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) is responsible for enforcing accessibility regulations. If you're not happy with how we respond to your complaint, contact the Equality Advisory and Support Service (EASS).

Technical information about this website's accessibility

Kappture Ltd. is committed to making its websites accessible, applying best practice and industry standards to ensure that our site is as easy-to-use and accessible as possible.

Compliance status

This website is partially compliant with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines version 2.1 A standard, due to the non-compliances listed below.

Non-accessible content

The content listed below is non-accessible for the following reasons.

Non-compliance with the accessibility regulations

  • Some pages are missing a heading. This fails WCAG 2.1 success criterion 1.3.1 (Info and Relationships).
  • Some areas of the website are not accessible using keyboard alone. This fails WCAG 2.1 success criterion 2.1.1 (Keyboard).
  • Some tables in content do not have table row headers when needed. This means assistive technologies will not read the tables correctly. This fails WCAG 2.1 success criterion 1.3.1 (Info and Relationships).
  • Some non-text content that is presented to the user does not have a text alternative. Users of assistive technologies may not have access to information conveyed in images. This fails WCAG 2.1 success criterion 1.1.1 (Non-text Content).
  • Some pages have duplicate titles. This may make it difficult for users to orient themselves and find the right content. This fails WCAG 2.4.2 success criterion (Page Titled).
  • Some pages and controls have poor colour contrast. This fails WCAG 2.1 success criterion 1.4.1 (Use of Colour).
  • Some forms controls are not detectable by screen reader software. This fails WCAG 2.1 success criterion 4.1.2 (Name, Role, Value).

How we tested this website

The website is tested and reviewed periodically by our internal testing team. Actions and recommendations from this testing drive our continued effort to improve the quality of the website.